Tinder Launches Tinder U for college students in U.S.

Tinder Launches Tinder U for college students in U.S.

It’s nothing but a feature named Tinder U

Yes, it’s true, Tinder U  is nothing but a feature named , which is made precisely for handlers of the socializing app who are in university. And the business is rolling it out just in time for the start of the new academic year.

To set up Tinder U, handlers must have an active .edu email address and be geo located on their college campus. At inauguration, Tinder U will be accessible to iOS users who attend a four-year, accredited, not-for-profit school in the U.S.

Tinder U functions just like consistent old Tinder, with swiping and other features. You can even snap back and forth between the Tinder U feature and the original. When toggled on, users will see their school logo depicted as a badge on their profile image. Using this feature brings up college students in the same area, including students on Tinder who attend nearby universities.

Getting out directly to college-aged students is a practical move by Tinder’s parent firm, Match Group, Inc., which recently shared an update that users between the ages of 18 and 24 make up the single largest age group on the app.

Also as Facebook prepares its own dating feature, it’s interesting to see Tinder deploy the same strategy Facebook used, albeit in reverse order. In the early years of Facebook, users needed an .edu email address to sign up and use the service. 

Tinder U is also a prospective win for the forthcoming progress of the service. In addition to millions of free users, Tinder has almost 3.8 million consumers remunerating a $14.99 per month ( ₹1048) subscription in the U.S. for a premium version of the app. If the youngest age group becomes invested early, they could very well develop up to become paying subscribers. 

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